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  • One Bedroom: $80 (standard clean)
  • Two Bedroom : $95( standard clean)
  • Three Bedroom: $110 (standard clean)

Standard Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

Standard cleaning is what most people do on a regular basis . Standard house cleaning services include sweeping , mopping, dusting & tidying in all rooms of the house.A deep clean which is recommended to do every 6 months to a year. Humble Beginnings recommends old and new customers to do a deep cleaning every 6 months to a year. It’s often to maintain a level of cleanliness around the home. Standard house cleaning services include sweeping , mopping, dusting & tidying in all rooms of the house.

Deep Cleans: Start at $250 ( this price is for homes not over 1200 square feet , price may vary if ur home is over 1200 square feet)

“We do offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning packages. ( call for quote)

Move In - Out Cleaning:

These type of cleanings prepares a completely empty house for sale. Task that are included are wiping down walls , cleaning the interior and exterior of all cabinets, cleaning inside of appliances , sanitizing bathroom and more......

Move - Out Move-In Cleans:

These types of cleanings range from $180.00 up to $190.00

Carpet Cleaning :

  • Cost between $75-$200 for a whole house.
  • Furniture - $50 -$100 to destain and destench a couch.
  • Windows - $5 per window if difficult to reach expect prices to rise.

Event clean up is a one - time service to clean a home or other venue after a special event. This service generally includes garbage removal, dishwashing, wipe down of all surfaces, floors cleaning and tidying up. ( If interested call to get a quote!)

Add On:

We also offer additional services which can be added on to any of our packages . The fee will vary based on which additional services you would like to add:

  • 1. Ironing
  • 2. Laundry
  • 3. Vehicle cleaning
  • 4. Inside oven / refrigerator
  • 5. Packing / unpacking for move
  • 6. Washing of walls
  • 7. Garage / basement cleaning
  • 8. Junk removal
  • 9. Bank Foreclosures (Clean-outs)
  • 10. Demolition work
  • 11. Electrical and Plumbing work (certified worked on site)
  • 12. Interior Decorator (call a week in advance for this service because our interior decorator travels in and out of different states.)

Location : The city or town where the house cleaner is located will affect pricing. Regions with a higher cost of living including most large cities may have higher house cleaning rates than small towns and more rural areas.

Senior citizens , veterans and churches get a 10% discount.

Screened Employees

All company employees have been personally vetted to meet Humble Beginnings Standards of professionalism and integrity.

Fully Insured/ Licensed/ Bonded

We are covered with all necessary policies and licensed to ensure no unnecessary risk for us or our clients.

Humble Beginnings thanks you for booking with us!